day one

Still at the airport and thinking about which language to use on this devise.  Probably English might be the most appropriate even if not my mother tongue and lots of mistakes may slip in. but we live in a world of tolerance and the reader shall forgive me this shortcoming.

By far too early on the airport – I always used to be in a hurry so that i arrived in the very last minute possible – BUT, never missed a plane for being late. Maybe for traffic jams, bad weather or other circumstances that occurred, but never because of being short in time. Well, everyone probably uses excuses most convenient for him or her. The good thing however is the fact that the plane shall leave from the old part of the airport. I may be sentimental or oldfashioned or simply completely and wholeheartedly dislike the new part of the airport which is – in my opinion – completely misplaned and a waste of funds and time. Endless walkways, myriads of escalators that carry you up and down in a seemingly senseless way and a confusing and intransparent network of accesses help you to easily get lost and tired.

Enough of lamenting about things one cannot change anyway (anymore) and back to the most important part of the day – my holiday starts right now, right here …still in Vienna, but in my mind already somewhere in Andalusia. I have not a clue what to expect as I board on this trip with very modest preparation and – strange enough for me – without a plan. But still three hours to go on the plane and enough to catch up :-).

Finished by coffee and am leaving now towards my gate.

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