Cooking experience

image  Some time passed since I wrote last time on my blog. Lot`s of things were going on – in real life and in my head. I´m trying to put things together and pave the way for my future career however it might look. Not an easy thing I had to learn – but, if it would be easy, everyone could do it. :-)


Well, a new experience is waiting for me as of Monday, March 2nd, – COOKING in a professional kitchen :-). I have no clue what to expect, but I know it´s going to be great. Guys, I´m waiting for you!

At this point I would like to express my gratefulness to Peter who made it possible for me to go through this experience. I shall regularly summarize my impressions and publish some nice pics for those who want to accompany me on my way.


A couple of months later…..

The above were my first ambitious intentions before I started my job as a cook-trainee. I had no idea, how challengening and demanding such a job could be. At the end of a working day I could hardly feel my feet, my back was aching and my brain seems to be semi-boiled like a breakfast egg. Nevertheless, it was quite an experience and I learnt a lot of interesting and useful things. Thanks god I did make notes all the time and so I may briefly summarize in the following section. I might switch languages, but I believe that wouldn´t trouble you too much.

In the following chapter, where I summarize essential and useful tips and tricks I learnt during my cooking lessens, I shall frequently change languages, which is mostly due to my rather scarce culinaric vocabulary in English. Whoever is eager to learn it may consult a dictionary or simply google-translate :-):

  • one may use old white bred to thicken soups or sauces, not just starch or flour
  • in order to keep/get food to the right temperature of 75 dgr. C it is best to put it in the steam heater or convection oven. The rule of 45 min/100 gr may be applied
  • vegetables are particularly tasty when you glaze them with sugar and white wine at the end
  • Kalbsgulasch wird immer in folgendem Verhältnis gekocht: 1 Teil Zwiebel, 3 Teile Fleisch. Die 50:50 Proportion gilt nur für Rinds- und Schweinsgulasch. Im Kalbsgulsch finden wir auch leckeren Rahm und Schlagobers, der im Rinds- und Schweingulasch nichts verloren hat – zumindes wenn man sich strikt an die Kochgesetze hält


The best lessen learnt for me, was the evident fact that one can manage a kitchen when there is a thought through plan for the next couple of days, the necessary provisions for food products one stock are made and the daily ingredients are prepared at hand. You cannot miss anything if you follow this rule…. of course, you may miss out in the kitchen but this is a different story.

I was taught of how to prepare a SHUE (Bratensaft aus Kalbs- und Schweinefleisch/knochen, Wurzelgemüse, Zwiebel und Rotwein und ewiges Kochen…. 1 voller Tag Kochzeit!)

Some interesting recepies:

  • Krautfleckerl  mit Bärlauch – schon mehrfach probiert und immer köstlich gemundet!
  • Couscous with vegatables, similar to a risotto, but with couscous instead of rice
  • Kaiserschmarrn – das wäre zwar jetzt nichts neues, aber ich mache ihn nie und hier zur Erinnerung, falls mir mal die Ideen ausgehen :-)


The most important appliances for my little kitchen would be:

  • a combi-heatsteamer
  • a vacuum device
  • an oven
  • a device for keeping food warm
  • a big and a small blender


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